Phoenix Life Sciences has developed a portfolio of formulations and delivery systems for providing patients and physicians with accurate and acceptable dosing methods. Items below are a small portion of our portfolio. Remember to sign up at the bottom of the page to be notified of any product releases and availability changes in your area.

Sublingual Tablet

Sublingual tablets are placed under the tongue to dissolve, providing effective, fast acting cannabinoid delivery because they are absorbed into the body and bloodstream immediately. Sublingual tablets also offer some of the highest bioavailability obtainable, which maximizes the efficacy of the treatment.

Soft Gel Capsules

Softgels provide a convenient way to deliver cannabinoids to the body, and are easily integrated into people’s current pill routines. The advanced formulations in our softgels are designed for controlling inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic and acute pain and aiding in sleep.

Dissolving Strips

These thin strips were designed with Cure technology to provide absorption through the oral mucosa with high bio-availability and rapid onset of action. The thin film strips are easily dispensed and can provide immediate pain relief.

Transdermal Patches

Our transdermal patches were developed by leading nicotine patch specialists. Designed to provide accurate dosing, transdermal delivery provides absorption through the skin in a discrete manner and lasts up to 72 hours dosage dependent.

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