About Phoenix Life Sciences

Disrupting mainstream healthcare with vertically integrated pharmaceutical research, development, and production of cannabis-based therapeutics.

About Us

Our mission is to bring together the best minds in business, science, medicine, research, finance, and agriculture to create a global platform for the reintroduction of cannabis-based therapeutics into the mainstream of healthcare.

We research, produce, and partner to distribute products around the globe that are designed to target and treat seven major categories of medical conditions: pain, cancer, autoimmune, metabolic, neurological, psychological, and sleep disorders. Creating a patient-centric alternative to the low efficacy and the high side effects of conventional pharmaceuticals, including opiate based painkillers, TNF-inhibitors, anti-inflammatories, biologic medications, antidepressants, and sleep medications.

Global Focus

Phoenix has plans to open production facilities in locations that have legalized medical marijuana programs. By complying with state specific medical cannabis legislation, Phoenix will be able to provide full spectrum products within the borders of those specific states, and for the first time allow a true interface between the doctor/patient/dispensary relationships.

Our Award Winning Team

James “Jamie” Baumgartner, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Vincent Coviello MBA, MRD
President, Chairman, and Director
Christopher Collins, MBA
Vice President of Business Development